Jack's Mom

"At age one we noticed our son was having some issues with his speech. After having him evaluated, Molly was the speech therapist that was assigned to his case. And I can't say enough good things about her. From day one Molly was always on time, always came with all the materials needed for his sessions, learned what he was interested in and would head her sessions around those things to make it more fun for him.  When he was supposed to age out of his sessions with her, she went above and beyond to help me with getting a hold of our school district to have him tested. Molly still keeps in touch to see how he is doing and because of all her hard work in the very beginning, I am thrilled to say that now in kindergarten he no longer needs any more services. She is wonderful in what she does, and I recommend her to anyone who asks me for a recommendation. Trust me you won't be disappointed!"

Hayden's Mom

"My son Hayden was nonverbal. Molly was his speech therapist for 2 years. She was great with him!! She taught him simple sign language to help him communicate with us. Each time he learned a word she was just as excited for him as we were. Today my son talks nonstop. Molly still likes to see his progress over the years!"

Dante's mom

"Molly worked with my son when he was 4 years old and she was wonderful. His diagnosis is Autism and sometimes if he doesn't mesh with a therapist he doesn't want to participate in the therapy. We never had that problem with Molly.  Molly made it easy! She would come to our home on time and was always professional and friendly. She would always give me a progress note at the end of her session and make recommendations on things we could work on.  Most importantly, Molly's techniques were effective. Our son made great progress with her. And he gained many communication skills with her. Overall, we were extremely satisfied with her sessions."


Physical Therapist

"I have had the opportunity to both work with Molly and have her treat my son.  She is an excellent speech therapist and has provided me various strategies to improve my son's language skills and peer socialization.  She is one of the best speech therapists I have had a chance to work with."

Tommy's mom

"Molly was my son Tommy's speech therapist from the time he was a year old until he was 2. Tommy got so excited whenever she would come to our house for his session. Not only was she fun and caring with him, but she was very personable with me and explained everything she was doing with him. Tommy is now 7 and is talking like crazy, and we have Molly to thank for this!"